Oh hey there and welcome to Being Co. - the place where you can get plant based superfoods that are nutritious, natural and colourful - for a healthier and happier you today!

Being Co. exists because I, Amelia, understand one thing very clearly. And that is that you want quality sourced plant based superfoods; that are not only colourful, but also good for you too.

And more than that? You want 100% natural products that can help fight those sugar cravings naturally, supercharge your body and assist with glowing skin and hair. Or a remedy that may assist in reducing anxiety & stress? Or perhaps something to help kickstart your metabolism & boost your immune system?

Being Co. started in the heart of Queensland when I searched the globe (via my mobile device… ok… via Instagram and google!) for the superfood that is far superior than the rest! It was there where I found myself buried deep in the study of the superior health qualities of Matcha powder, used in ancient Japanese tea ceremonies and I just had to try it. On a recent trip overseas, I discovered the ‘Matcha Latte’ trend and brought ‘green caffeine’ to Australia! Being Co. now delivers 100% Pure Ground, Certified Organic Matcha Powder direct from Japan all over Australia, NZ and Asia. Being Co. has also expanded its range since then to include Blue Spirulina, Golden Glow with Australian Kakadu Plum, Pink Pitaya and Acai from Brazil - just to name a few.

The products you will find here at Being Co. are all driven by my passion for natural ingredients and also my two children's health. I wanted to get them off the artificial ingredients found in many supermarkets mass pre-packaged food isles (especially those with nasty chemical numbers); and introduce
 'New Superfoods' that were not only 100% nutritious & plant based (non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan), but also super versatile, colourful and good for you too. From smoothie bowls to baked goods, mixed into yoghurt, used as 100% natural food colouring, raw desserts, doughs and colourful lattes etc. You can almost add our powders to anything! 

Four years ago, I also decided to study further into the importance of quality sourced products and the impact clean based eating can have; having suffered with an auto-immune disease and mental health issues since having my children. I discovered during my Diploma in Nutrition & Naturopathy that getting rid of highly processed foods and focusing on more natural whole plant based foods, can and has helped improve my overall health and also my families wellbeing and mental health dramatically. 

Being Co. is now one of Queensland’s largest Superfood Dealers and we have worked with Lorna Jane Nourish Café, The Source Bulk Foods and Naked Foods just to name a few! 

Being Co. also proudly supports our community by teaming up with RUOK? and one tree planted. Both causes are very close to our heart. 

We genuinely care and one of our goals is to help as many people as possible live their healthiest lives.  Healthy Living, Happy Being.  So go on! Try our 100% Pure Superfood Powders of goodness for yourself today and become a healthier and happier you!

If you're interested in learning more about Being Co. drop us a line at hello@beingco.com.au 

Amelia, Being Co. Owner/Creator
Qualified Nutritionist & Naturopath & The Team @ Being Co.