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Find out why our Being Co. Superfood Powders are labelled the modern day super food!

Move over Kale! There’s some new superfood ingredients in town. Matcha Powder, Velvet Beetroot Powder, Pink Pitaya Powder, Blue Butterfly Pea Powder and Gold Turmeric Powder. And they all have their own unique amazing health benefits. Health – yeah!


Why are all these hailed the new superfood ingredients to hit the health food market? They are all 100% natural, jam packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will help design a healthier you. Made from pure 100% organic ingredients too.

Pink Pitaya powder is not only loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C but it is also very rich in fiber and incredibly low in calories. A super sweet nutritional hit! And our unique 100% Organic Gold Turmeric blend with dandelion root tastes amazing too.

Our Being Co. Velvet Beetroot powder is a perfect harmony of nutrition and flavour. And our Matcha powder has over 130x the antioxidants of a regular cup of green tea and 52x the antioxidants as spinach.

Our Superfood Powders are loaded with health benefits. All this plus more in just one tiny teaspoon!



Helen McConnel

Thanks for the packet of Velvet Beetroot Spice Blend Powder Being Co. I love this product sprinkled on my muesli and as a latte too. The flavours are amazing! Can’t wait to order more and try all your new super food powders soon too.

Helen McConnel
John Daily

I have researched Matcha as i want to reduce my caffeine and slowly get off the coffee .I find that just the one teaspoon of Being Co.’s Matcha powder in my hot milk has done the trick! I love this product and it was very easy to order and came within 3 days!

John Daily
Sophie White

Your Gold Turmeric Spice Blend Powder with dandelion root is sensational. I heard turmeric was a “magical herb with healing properties” and YES it is! Thankyou Being Co. for sending me this pack of healthy goodness.

Sophie White

matcha powder