Why are Being Co. Powders so awesome? What benefits am I getting?
Our powders are all super healthy, 100% natural and made from plants. They are colourful, nutritional and with no fillers or any nasty additives. Health yeah!

What's the preferred storage method and shelf life of Being Co. powders?
Please keep me dry, cool and tightly closed. Our shelf life is 1-2 years from creation and you'll find the expiration date on the package. Our Pink Pitaya is 100% freeze-dried and it is advised to consume within 30 days once opened. It can be extremely sensitive to moisture and may clump. If this happens just add a dash of water to it then add to your smoothie or food creation. 

How much superfoods powder do i use?
We recommend adding 1/2-1 teaspoon of Being Co. powders to your smoothies, breakfast, sweets etc. But if you are after an intense colour or purely for the added health benefits - increase your desired amount.

How do I enjoy these delicious products?
The choices are really up to you...raw treats, baked goods, noodles, lattes, smoothies - blended or shaken - get creative! We personally love blending Being Co. superfoods with frozen bananas to create insane coloured smoothie bowls. Check out our blog for recipes.

Are your products safe for children?
YES! Our products are 100% natural and contain no harmful ingredients or any added nasties. They are suitable for kids. They love them. Surprise them with our 4 ingredient Pink Pancakes or blue cookie monster cups!

Activated Coconut Charcoal Powder must be taken with caution and we personally don't recommend this powder for children. *

Are your Being Co. superfood powder products safe to use during pregnancy?
All our powders are 100% natural with no added nasties. However we like to always play it safe and suggest to chat to your doctor first.*

Are your products manufactured to the highest quality?
Yes. Our manufacturing facility ensures the highest quality, all our products obtain a COA to display this purity.

Are your jars and labels Australian made?
We care a lot about how we produce our products at Being Co.

We choose BPA Free PET plastic amber jars as it is one of the most recycled plastics and for safety, use BPA free. You can also check out our blog on 6 great ways to recycle our jars creatively.

They are also made and manufactured right here in Australia.
Our gorgeous labels are also printed here in Australia too.

100% Australian made. 🇦🇺
100% Recyclable ♻️
100% Reusable 🌿

How do I become a stockist?
We are always looking for more stockists. Please contact us hello@beingco.com.au and we will happily send you more information.