Our limited Edition Totally Glam it up! gift pack will leave you feeling super gorgeous.

✓ Matcha is one of the highest sources of antioxidants per gram than any other product, having 137x the amount of regular green tea! This can help kick start your metabolism and give you an awesome natural energy boost and increased daily focus. Our Being Co. 100% pure ground Matcha powder is grown and ground in Japan, the worlds most superior tea growing region.

✓ Our 100% Organic Gold Turmeric Spice Powder is a specially crafted blend. It contains an unbelievable amount of nutrients and can be consumed a variety of different ways. The best part about Being Co. Gold Turmeric Spice Powder is that it is not only tastes sensational but it is loaded with antioxidants and is also caffeine free and 100% organic. A complete nutritional hit!

✓ Feel like you need a natural detox? Our Activated Coconut Charcoal** can help do just that. It is carefully selected from a superior coconut island and is 100% pure natural coconut husk. It is known for its natural digestive cleansing abilities and can also help make your teeth sparkly white too!

✓  Sip and slurp through your smoothies with our Being Co. Eco Friendly Straw Set, smoothie bowls & juices with ease and choice; whilst saving the planet and looking totally gorgeous too! Our Eco friendly straws are of the highest quality; stainless steel, 100% natural bamboo, food grade & BPA free. They also help save the planet too as you can re-use them over & over again!

2 x stainless steel bent straws; one thicker than the other, perfect for thick juices or smoothies
1 x stainless steel straight straw
1 x 100% natural bamboo straw; super trendy & eco friendly
1 x stainless steel straw spoon; sip & also use the versatile spoon attached
2 x stainless steel straw cleaners; to help you clean your straws professionally and save the planet!
1 x FREE cloth storage bag.

Go on! Glam it up and Try it for yourself!